The Education and Awareness Program

My dear daughter program

The program supports the educational activities of young poor girls “6-12 years” to continue their primary education and follow their lessons. The program providing the young girls them the scholar supplies, follow up personal and tutoring sessions.

The program supports elder girls “over 15 years old” to be competent to assist and follow the younger girls through training workshops on mentoring, ways of helping the young girls.


literacy classes

Illiterate poor women need to learn the basics of reading and writing in order to follow their family different needs such as buying and to be able to follow the studying of their children.

The program work on develop the life skills of the women in order to be able to develop their different relations.


Tutoring classes

The classes work on developing the educational levels of the poor pupils in the primary stage to protect them from dropping out. The program works on providing children with scholar fees and supplies.


Awareness meeting

Episcocare community development centers in the poor communities organized educational awareness meeting for mothers on how to support their families and develop the education of their children, protect their children from dropping out, protecting their children from different kinds of abusing, and how to follow good practices in raising their children.

Episcocare need for supporting:

Dear daughter education expenses including scholar fees and supplies.

Dear daughter education sessions including elder girls’ incentives.

Illiteracy classes expenses of materials and teachers incentives.

Tutoring classes expenses including children scholar fees and supplies with teacher incentives.

Awareness meetings expenses of the speakers and materials.

Capacity development programs and opportunities for the staff to develop their skills on working with pupils, daughters, illiterate women, and family educational needs.

Capacity development programs for the elder girls in order to become able to support, follow, and mentor the younger girls.

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