The Community Participation Program

Partnership and Networking

Episcocare works on building partnership relations with the official bodies and grassroots NGOs in the target communities in order to great the local cooperation and coordination between different active parties to support the poor accessibility to obtain the different services presenting by the government.

Develop the organizational capabilities of the NGOs

Through organizing capacity development programs for the local NGOs leaders and staff to develop their capabilities in organizing their organizations, working with people, presenting education and development programs that meet with social needs.

Public Awareness meetings

In cooperation with the official employees, the community development centers organizing awareness meetings for people where the official employees of the ministry of social solidarity departments in the targeting communities talking with people on how to obtain and access to the services presenting by the government.

Social initiatives

Episcoare support the implementation of identifying the community needs and working on supporting the social initiatives to meet people educational, health, and public needs.

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