Health Care Program

Medical checkup and lab analysis

Children in the poor areas suffers from intestinal infestation worms and anemia that affecting their growth and their educational progress. The centers arrangement medical check-ups and lab investigation analysis for the children on infestation and anemia.

Treatment and nutrition

Episcoare provides treatment for the children on the infestation and providing weekly nutrition to be healed from anemia.

Health care awareness meetings

The community development centers organize awareness meetings for mothers on healthy practices and nutrition, intestinal infestation, anemia diseases, personal hygiene, and protection from diseases.

Episcocare need for supporting:

The educational fees of the poor children who join the nurseries in the poor communities.

The educational environment, aids, tools, and furniture to develop the quality of the educational process.

Capacity development program for the nursery teachers to strengthen their knowledge, skills, and attitudes on presenting qualified educational services.

Health care coordinators needs for capacity development on strengthening their capacities to work on the health care issues.

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