An overview of the Episcopal Institution for Social Services ( Episcocare )

Episcopal Care House Centers and institutions for development and social services affiliated with the Episcopal Church in Egypt. In the year 2003 AD, the institution was officially registered by the Ministry of Social Solidarity. The establishment organization is under its umbrella next to the Institutions Development Center in our organization, the Manarat Foundation for Manshouf, the Al-Manara Center for Community Service, the Episcopal Training Center, the Education Center in the Episcopal, the Cultural Center in Institutions, mostly serving marginalized reforms in Egypt.

The Bishop’s Care Foundation for Social Services seeks to obtain social services to obtain goals that are suitable for obtaining good results.

The Episcopal Care Foundation offers its programs and services from development centers located in the neighboring regions. The development program in the field of education, childhood, economic development, vocational training, health care, and the home environment. All these educational services are for all groups without discrimination on the basis of social grouping, religion, social level … etc.

At the end of the year 2014, management of the organization

The strategy in the organization is based on its services in those services.

The Foundation works to develop partnership and cooperation between the development centers of local educational units and local government services

Charitable Foundation for Health and Medical Care

During the My Precious Daughter programme, we help young girls improve their educational skills. My dear daughter program is one of the most effective and influential educational programs for girls.
Economic development program for economic development.

Childhood journey to primary school.

Offers takeout catering, as well as simile in encouragement

Al-Manara School for children with special needs in Menouf develops children’s rehabilitation programs and improves children’s educational skills, as well as developing their abilities in communication and social integration, as well as supporting the knowledge and skills of children’s families

Opportunities to build bridges and communicate with different groups in general through various cultural and artistic activities.

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