Other Ministries

EpiscoCare also encompasses two other organisations, the Episcopal Training Centre, which offers English and Arabic classes in two locations, and Refuge Egypt, the refugee ministry of the Anglican Church, which provides humanitarian assistance and encouragement for primarily Sudanese and Syrian refugees.

The Episcopal Training Centre


The Episcopal Training Centre (ETC) began in 2001 as a centre for language learning offering English and Arabic classes in Maadi, a suburb in the south of Cairo as well as Arabic classes in Zamalek at All Saints Cathedral.

ETC offers English classes to those who could not otherwise afford to study. The organisation aims to encourage people to improve their educational level and job prospects through improving their language skills.  The language programme equips students to get better paying jobs and improve their standard of living and their communities.

Arabic classes help Cairo’s many foreigners to learn the common language and integrate into Egyptian society, improving their ability to communicate with neighbors and new friends.

ETC aspires to create an atmosphere where people can enjoy learning in a professional environment. The vision is to show God’s love by developing and empowering individuals.




In 1987, two young British teachers from All Saint’s Cathedral volunteered their time to help a few Sudanese refugees start a small business enterprise, a basket weaving workshop.

Silk-screen printed clothes and crafts were soon added in 1991, which later developed into Tukul Crafts. The craft shop soon led to a Sunday lunch and a financial assistance program for refugees. Refuge-Egypt grew gradually as people volunteered their time and expertise. Refuge-Egypt is now a key provider of humanitarian assistance and development programs for refugees in Cairo.

Refuge-Egypt serves people from Syria, Sudan and other African countries, living in Egypt, who have fled their original country of nationality due to war or disaster, and who have well founded fears of return due to persecution or loss of rights. We seek to provide humanitarian assistance, spiritual guidance and encouragement to help build self-sufficiency and self-respect in preparation for repatriation, resettlement or integration into Egyptian society.


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