Menouf Community Service Centre

fi-Menouf CSC

The Menouf Community Service Centre (CSC) was established in 1997 initially to provide inexpensive English classes to those who could not otherwise afford it.

In 2009, computer technology was added to the programme and today the centre also offers German classes, art lessons for children, free use of computers, a library of English and Arabic books, awareness seminars and community gatherings. The centre is located in Menouf, the rural capital of the Menoufiya governorate is situated in the Nile Delta.

CSC aspires to create an atmosphere where people can enjoy learning in a professional environment. The vision is to participate in sustainable growth of the local community by developing and empowering individuals. Menouf Community Service Centre views itself not only as a teaching institute, but as a central part of the local community. The centre strives to promote community engagement and invites locals to participate in graduation parties, Mothers’ Day celebrations, cultural day-trips for families and seminars.

The centre serves approximately 300 local community members each year. English, German and computer lessons are available in various levels, with classes averaging about eight students and thirty hours of instruction. The English lessons are designed in corporation with the American University of Cairo (AUC), which provides the centre with curriculum and stamps diplomas for the graduating students. The computer lessons are government approved and offer diplomas to successful students.

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