Medinet El Salam

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Medinet el Salam Community Development Centre was established in 1992, after Cairo experienced a large earthquake. The disaster particularly affected the impoverished Boulaq area where the Diocese of Egypt already worked. Many of the neighborhood’s poorest families were resettled in Medinet el Salam.

The staff of the Boulaq Centre committed to continuing to support this population through the relocation of the Boulaq Centre to Zamalek, and through the establishment of a community development centre in Medinet el Salam.

The aim of the centre is to improve the living standards of the local community. We focus on women, offering education on family planning and health issues, financial management, and literacy classes. Men are also welcomed at the centre. They participate most often in the micro-loan programme and seminars on community organisation and civic rights. The Centre also runs a nursery school for 35 children and offers tutoring classes for children in primary and secondary school.

The centre also provides social space for people with different ethnic and religious backgrounds to gather, a sanctuary for women where they can share experiences with other women and discuss challenges with centre staff. The centre is run by a committed staff and a number of very active volunteers.


The vision of Medinet el Salam Community Development Centre is to improve the living standards of the families living in the area of Medinet el Salam by offering activities including:

  • Awareness lessons in health, environment, human rights, economy, parenthood and society
  • Literacy classes and vocational training
  • Educational support for children
  • Medical support of families, children and pregnant women
  • Home improvements
  • Financial management seminars
  • Micro-finance programmes

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