Women & Motherhood

The women of our target communities are eager for opportunity.

Women in Egypt are four times more likely to be unemployed than men, less likely to know how to read, and more likely to suffer domestic abuse. According to a 2013 United Nations study, 99.3% of Egyptian women report being victims of sexual harassment, and more than half report that this happens on a daily basis. Though all of EpiscoCare’s activities support women, who constitute the vast majority of literacy students, micro-credit programme participants, and health seminar attendees, the Women & Motherhood programme directly addresses gender inequality through awareness classes and activities that involve both men and women in discussing healthy family relationships.

We do this through:

  • Holding family counselling meetings with a focus on mothers and young women.
  • Conducting home visits to follow up with women and facilitate deep communication.
  • Offering awareness sessions to build parenting skills and knowledge about child development.

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