Vocational Training

With new skills and knowledge, our target community members can access new opportunities.

Like the Economic Development programme, Vocational Training equips community members for economic sustainability, but also builds capacity among those already working in a field or those engaged in volunteerism. To sustain development in our target communities, it is essential to engage local leadership and equip community members to advocate for themselves.

We do this through:

  • Teaching women various practical and creative skills so that they can produce handcrafts to sell in order to contribute to their family’s income.
  • Promoting career readiness. We offer language and computer training to equip young people for the workforce, and assist with the job search. We help young people to prepare their résumés, sharpen interview skills and identify local job opportunities.
  • Offering training workshops to build the capacity of local leaders and volunteers to lead development projects.
  • Educating our staff and volunteers in effective development practice.
  • Hosting public meetings to encourage and motivate volunteers.

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