Health denotes a state of well-being, integrating physical, psychological, social and environmental needs, and not just the treatment of disease.

In Egypt, limited resources must support a rapidly increasing population. Strain on the electricity grid leads to frequent power outages, and the Nile suffers from high demand for water. Egypt tops lists for air pollution and waste management dissatisfaction. Litter is prevalent. Census data from the Ministry of Housing estimates that 40-70% of residents of Greater Cairo live in densely populated, unplanned neighbourhoods without basic infrastructure or services. EpiscoCare’s Environment programme addresses these challenges through programming that seeks to promote public health as well as stewardship of vital natural resources.

We do this through:

  • Improving the internal environment of homes and communities through the renovation of houses, roofs, bathrooms and floors as well as street cleaning and planting campaigns.
  • Offering seminars on how to preserve the environment and take care of communal areas.
  • Organizing street cleaning and tree-planting campaigns in cooperation with local governmental and non-governmental organisations.

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