Education & Awareness

fi-Capacity Building

Education and awareness are key to the sustainability of our community development initiatives.

According to the Human Development Report (2003), more than 40% of social problems and crime in Egypt are caused by a lack of education. 2013 UNICEF statistics indicate that roughly 30% of Egyptian children do not attend secondary school. For those in the school system, overcrowding, underfunding, and tuition and fees present further obstacles for school-age kids. The Education & Awareness programme addresses these challenges, but also works for those outside of the school system, building the capacity of young and established adults to access services and contribute to their families and communities. We do this through:

  • Offering summer reading and writing classes for children who are often illiterate, despite being enrolled in the educational system, to help them keep up with the school curriculum.
    • Holding tutorial classes for boys and girls at all stages of their learning to assist poor children who lack support and suffer from educational difficulties.
    • Supporting girls aged 6 to 13 through our My Dear Daughter programme. In this programme, we train a group of high-school girls as volunteers to tutor and care for girls in primary education. These are girls that may otherwise have difficulties succeeding in the education system.
    • Caring for people who suffer mild educational disabilities and learning difficulties through the Menara Centre.
    • Supplying children with books, educational materials and schools fees.
    • Hosting seminars to build awareness about the importance of education.
    • Providing extra training to educational workers to improve their capacity to effectively teach and support children.
    • Holding seminars to encourage people in the community to apply for official documents, such as IDs and birth certificates to ensure their legal existence, to entitle them to political participation and to involve them in the democratic process.
    • Offering literacy classes to those who cannot read and write.


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