Early Childhood Education

Education is the key to a better future for children, for their parents, and for the entire country. However, quality early childhood education is often inaccessible for Egypt’s poor.

Only a quarter of Egyptian children have access to pre-primary school education, which is proven to be a vital building block for academic success in primary and secondary school. When parents don’t have a safe, constructive place to leave their child during the day, that child can be exposed to dangers and difficulties. Violent discipline is also prevalent. EpiscoCare provides a foundation for healthy development through early childhood education and family counselling activities.

We do this through:

  • Holding monthly meetings with parents to support them in raising with their children in a loving, caring and respectful way.
  • Hosting seminars to build awareness about child rights and to encourage a culture which respects them.
  • Organizing excursions, home visits and social events for mothers and their children.
  • Establishing nursery schools that provide a high-quality Montessori education and reliable childcare.

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