Vision & Mission

EpiscoCare’s Vision is to provide better life opportunities for the poorest and most marginalized communities in Egypt.

Our Mission

To work as the arm of the Good Samaritan to support target communities to obtain basic rights through quality development and educational programmes in cooperation with governmental and non-governmental organisations in the community.

Our Focus

  • Comprehensive development programmes for women and children
  • Support and education for children with special needs and other disabilities
  • Combating unemployment and poverty
  • Equipping young people with language and computer skills for job readiness
  • Promoting the rights of each beneficiary including the rights of the child
  • Improving healthcare and environmental wellness
  • Advocating for our constituents and raising their political awareness

Our Core Values

  • Love: present social services without expectation of personal benefit.
  • Non-discrimination: treat all people well without reference to religion, gender, social and/or cultural level.
  • Respect: accept the other regardless of social or cultural differences.
  • Fairness: follow appropriate behaviour and professionalism while honouring the values and traditions of the society.
  • Transparency: practice credibility and honesty with documents and information about the programmes, activities, and decisions made both inside and outside the organisation.
  • Collective Responsibility: cooperate with all team members to achieve comprehensive performance and achieve organisational goals.

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