Our Approach


As the development arm of the Anglican/Episcopal Diocese of Egypt, EpiscoCare upholds values of respect, human dignity, equality, and solidarity with our partners and communities. We are committed to justice. We take a participatory approach to our work and denounce discrimination of any kind. We respect the rules, customs, and traditions of those we work alongside, demonstrating love and acceptance in all our programmes and interactions.

We begin our work in alignment with these values, using a participatory research approach when establishing a new community centre. When EpiscoCare enters a community setting, a public meeting is held to inform the local population about our mission, vision, and values. Local leaders and key people within the community are identified and acknowledged. We then hold focus groups in order to listen to the needs of specific demographics before setting priorities and arranging training for local field staff.

This process enables us to tailor our projects to the needs of the local population. All planning and implementation is undertaken in cooperation with community members and funding partners so that our plans are realistic, achievable, and effective. As part of the evaluation process, we again consult beneficiaries and use their feedback to improve programming. Development is a two-way process, and our work is designed to create infrastructure for these communities to continue to develop long into the future.

EpiscoCare runs comprehensive development programmes in each of the target communities. The programmes cover the areas of education, economic opportunity, family support, health and environment, and capacity-building. All programmes respect the rules, customs, traditions, and religious convictions of the beneficiaries. EpiscoCare is committed to working alongside community members, empowering them to participate in the work of development. These practices have garnered the organisation acceptance and respect in the local communities, making our work easier and more effective.

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