The Foundation For The Care Of

Episcopal Social Services In Egypt

Working For The Holistic Development And Empowering The Marginalized Communities And The Most Needed

The Vision

To provide better life opportunities for the poor and marginalized communities in egypt

The Mission

Episcocare works to support and empower poor and marginalized communities to obtain their rights and achive independency and community participation through holistic development programs in cooperation with GOs, NGOs, and the private sctor

The Target Communities

Cairo : Boulaq – Ein shams -Ezbet el nakhl – Madent El salam

Giza : El tawabek – 6th of October

Alexandria : El ras el soda

El suze : Arab El maamal

El Menoufia : Menouf

Recent Posts


Staff Capacity Development Program

Administration and Management Episcocare works on develop the knowledge, skill, capabilities, and attitudes of the management and administration levels…

The Manara School for children with special needs in Menouf

The School working on Menouf city aims to present educational program for the children with special needs and disabilities. The school follow educational and…

The Houses Improvement needs

Houses` improvement Poor families in the target areas lives in houses without floors, grounds, painting, and houses are very primitive buildings. Episcocare…

The Community Participation Program

Partnership and Networking Episcocare works on building partnership relations with the official bodies and grassroots NGOs in the target communities in order…

The Economic Development Program

Micro credit Poor families in the target communities suffer from the hard economic condition and striking to provide the daily needs of their families and…

Health Care Program

Medical checkup and lab analysis Children in the poor areas suffers from intestinal infestation worms and anemia that affecting their growth and their…

The Early Childhood Program

8 nurseries “6 in poor communities” works in preparing children under 6 years old to join the formal schools, using Maria Montessori educational program, the…

The Education and Awareness Program

My dear daughter program The program supports the educational activities of young poor girls “6-12 years” to continue their primary education and follow…